Saturday, June 6, 2009

Star-crossed love

These starburst mirrors were a must-have item that I've wanted since I started decorating my apartment more than five years ago. The mirror (similar to the Pottery Barn, Baker or Plantation versions above ... click photos for links) is the perfect focal piece -- it makes the room feel larger doing double duty by reflecting light, plus it's gorgeous to look at! But ... and this is a big but ... the only ones I could find were around $500. I thought about saving up for it, but in reality, it was too much to drop on one piece.

Instead I headed to Target and found a round mirror with etched circles on it. Before I got around to hanging it like six months later (seriously I have major procrastination problems with hanging stuff by myself), Target, being the best store ever that it is, had come out with miniature versions of the starburst mirror. Naturally, I bought two ... at only $30 each. Twice the star power (for a measly fraction of the high-end stuff)!

This not only worked out better for my wall (the one starburst mirror would have felt a tad too small for the space), but it also complemented my circle-etched mirror I had already purchased. Circles are continued throughout the space in lamps, pillows, candle holders and furniture in the living room, window treatments, mirrors and my table in the dining room .... and a few other places throughout my apartment.

Then I found green pillows at Target probably a year later with sunburst patterns!

Now they have a larger capiz version at Target online but it doesn't say how much it costs. But I'm more than satisfied with my trio of mirrors for now!

Quote of the Day: "Every star has that certain something that stands out and compels us to notice them."
-- Maureen O'Hara

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I love your style! Blog more often!