Saturday, May 30, 2009

Floral & fashion

Fashion and interior design go hand-in-hand. Floral themes are especially hot for summer in shades of baby blue, green and purple -- another one of my favorite color combinations. If you have trouble narrowing in on your design aesthetic for your home, the easiest place to start is your closet. If you have fabulous floral print shoes ... try an accent pillow with a similar breezy style. If you're a fan of circular jewelry ... try a trio of globe lights hanging from the ceiling. Choosing your color palette should make you happy, and you aren't going to walk out the door wearing something dull and dreary ... are you? Choose your home accessories the way you would a flattering outfit for a night on the town.

2. Floral cardigan (I think from Ann Taylor)
3. Floral rug (I think from Anthropologie)

Quote of the Day: "Be careful what you wear to bed at night; you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."

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